The Now Work and Improvability AI Join Forces to Revolutionise Sustainability Reporting

June 27, 2024
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The Now Work and Improvability AI are thrilled to announce a partnership designed to transform sustainability reporting. As The Now Work steps into the role of sustainability knowledge partner for Improvability AI, this collaboration aims to drive advancements in sustainable business practices, leveraging human expertise and AI technology for a better future.

Key Highlights:

  • Streamlining Sustainability Reporting - This partnership pairs The Now Work's network of 1,000+ sustainability experts with Improvability AI's generative AI technology to simplify and enhance the reporting process.
  • Compliance and Efficiency - Our integrated solution supports compliance with major frameworks such as CSDR, TCFD, and SFDR, reducing the reporting burden while ensuring high-quality, validated outputs.
  • Vision and Impact - By leveraging AI, we aim to democratise sustainability reporting, allowing organisations to focus on developing innovative solutions to the world's pressing environmental challenges.

Streamlining Sustainability Reporting

Businesses face increasing demands for comprehensive sustainability reporting. Recognising this challenge, The Now Work and Improvability AI have developed an innovative solution combining generative AI with expert oversight to simplify the reporting process. Clients can upload data and documents to the Improvability AI platform, generating reports compliant with standards such as CSDR, TCFD, and SFDR. Members of The Now Work’s growing network of over 1,000 sustainability specialists will review and optimise the outputs - combining an expert human touch to the efficiency of generative AI.

Innovative Approaches to Sustainability

The Now Work connects organisations with top-tier sustainability talent, supporting a range of businesses from large corporations to SMEs, startups and NGOs. Improvability AI specialises in automating long-form sustainability reporting processes. Co-founder and CEO of Improvability AI, Tee Ganbold recognised the potential for AI to ease reporting burdens for businesses, aiming to democratise access to advanced reporting tools.

A Strategic Partnership for Global Impact

Together, The Now Work and Improvability AI aim to revolutionise sustainability reporting. Leveraging AI for compliance, they free up human resources to focus on innovative sustainability solutions. This partnership underscores their commitment to driving impactful change globally.

Tee Ganbold expressed her excitement: "We are thrilled to partner with The Now Work. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to democratise sustainable reporting, ensuring no company is left behind."

Laura Hunter, Co-founder and CEO of The Now Work, added: "Our partnership with Improvability AI enables an even greater impact. The sustainability reporting solution they’ve developed leverages AI for efficiency, while our experts ensure quality and compliance."

Looking Ahead

Both organisations believe that current sustainability challenges require dynamic approaches. Their strategic partnership is set to amplify their impact, promoting more efficient and sustainable business practices.

To learn more about accessing automated sustainability reports, register your interest here.

If you’re a sustainability expert who is interested in getting involved and learning how to be a facilitator in this, please register your interest here.

About The Now Work:

The Now Work accelerates the transition to a sustainable, socially just future by connecting organisations with skilled sustainability experts. Supporting businesses of all sizes, they build bespoke project teams and design innovative ways of working. Learn more at

About Improvability AI:

Improvability AI automates sustainability reporting. Founded by Tee Ganbold, the platform leverages generative AI to streamline compliance, making reporting accessible and efficient for businesses worldwide. Discover more at

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