People - their energy, resolve and ingenuity – are our greatest hope in reaching a sustainable, just future. That’s why we’re redefining how impact work happens.

We’re building a new way to work which enables people to do their best work, in ways that work for them.


The Now Work was founded by Laura Hunter and Hannah Phang, two people who believe we need a future of impact work that enables more access, more humanity, more flexibility and more innovation.



Too often, opportunities in sustainability are found and given through established networks that are hard to break into. We need to open up access to enable a diversity of perspectives and approaches that unlock powerful divergent thinking.



When rigid systems and processes don’t leave space for life and don’t centre our humanity, it can lead to burnout, low productivity and less creativity. We need a more human-centric future of work that unlocks the very best in people.



Sustainability challenges are vast, complex and constantly evolving. It’s impossible to house all of the skills needed under one roof. We need the flexibility to bring more skills, experiences and outlooks into the team right when they're needed.



A vision for a new world delivered by old-world management principles of the 20th century structurally won't deliver. We need new systems and approaches that enable more ideas, surprising solutions and breakthrough innovation.


Laura Hunter

Personal mission
Build a future of work that centres individual happiness and collective abundance.

Hannah Phang

Personal mission
Develop innovative solutions that foster our personal and collective wellbeing.

Laura’s career has spanned sustainability communications, sustainability strategy and entrepreneurship. She’s advised some of world’s most influential organisations in tech, fashion, food and culture on how to accelerate positive change.

Her projects have been featured in The New York Times, BBC and the Evening Standard. Laura sits on the Board of Trustees at Futerra Solutions Union and has taught on sustainability at London College of Fashion and Kingston University and has been invited to speak at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, IEMA,and ADCE Europe.

Hannah Phang is a leading expert in sustainability communications, systems thinking, and human-centered design. Hannah has served as the CMO of Endless Wardrobe, a rental and resale start-up in the UK, as Head of Marketing and Advocacy of Futerra, the sustainability strategy and communications agency, and on the Steering Committee of the UN Fashion Charter for Climate Action.

Hannah has worked with both start-ups and global corporates including Tommy Hilfiger and Google on launching and promoting their sustainable products and initiatives as well as developing the human-centric design processes for Capital One and Pfizer..

The Now Work brings the future of work to sustainability.

The Now Work gives organisations working on knotty social and environmental challenges access to vetted, independent sustainability specialists on demand.

Our unparalleled talent network comes from all walks of life and an array of sustainability disciplines. What unites them is their passion for using their skills, strengths and expertise to change the world for the better. So whatever sustainability challenge you’re trying to solve, our deep bench of remarkable talent is here to help you accelerate real change.

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