Introducing: The Future of Impact Work Podcast

June 17, 2024
2 min read

Could how we organise work help to accelerate the big transitions the world needs?

At The Now Work, we believe that to build the next world, we need to re-imagine how impact work happens. 

Work is largely still organised in old-world paradigms: 20th century management principles, rigid operational structures, competitive cultures. Without new ways of organising work that embrace flexibility, drive collective imagination and foster personal resilience, we don’t believe we’ll achieve the leaps in innovation and imagination that we so urgently need. 

In our new podcast series, The Future of Impact Work, we’ll be exploring how the nature of work itself is a powerful yet overlooked solution to fixing the world’s most complex and pressing challenges. 

We’ll investigate how individuals, sustainability leaders and organisations are challenging the status quo and building a new future of work that can deliver the innovation, joy and creativity needed to build a radically better world.

Through a series of fascinating conversations with industry leaders, we’ll be exploring the following themes:

  • Sustaining Sustainability - why and how to build a resilient, thriving workforce
  • Generative Work - why we need new management models to build a new world 
  • Skills for the Future - the ‘green’ skills needed to build a radically better future
  • Will Technology Save Us? how new technology is accelerating sustainability work

Our first interview is with sustainability powerhouse Freya Williams, who has been advising the C-Suites of global companies for over 20 years. In 2020 she contracted long covid, which left her unable to work for 3 years and had a devastating impact on her health and family. Her story of resilience and her new outlook on the way we work are vital listening.

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