Episode 1: From Surviving to Thriving at Work, with Freya Williams

June 17, 2024
2 min read

Episode 1 of The Now Work's new podcast 'The Future of Impact Work' is available now.

The Now Work is proud to present the inaugural episode of their new podcast, The Future of Impact Work - a series where we’ll be speaking to industry leaders about the nature of work itself, and how we might go about challenging the status quo and building a new future of work that can deliver the innovation, joy and creativity needed to build a radically better world.

Freya Williams, sustainability leader and all-round force of nature, has been giving the C-Suites of the world’s most influential businesses the courage to drive sustainability-inspired change for the past 20 years. Freya has put her career in the service of sustainability. She’s built a purpose and sustainability strategy agency from the ground up, led purpose-driven teams within large organisations, and authored a book on the business, 'Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses'

But in 2020 her career came to a halt. After contracting Covid in the early days of the pandemic, Freya was left unable to work for 3 years. Then, while on the road to recovery, Freya had to face a life-threatening heart condition.

This is a conversation that explores how life-changing sustained periods of overwork can be on individuals. But crucially, it's also a conversation about how we might start to reimagine our relationships to work, and build impactful careers that don't lead us to burnout. 

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